WHAT's THE 411?
Della-Terra is a small ceramics shop in the heart of San Francisco. Each piece is uniquely hand-crafted by the owner, Zoe Ricci. Zoe’s father was a fine artist and encouraged her exploration of artistic mediums throughout her childhood. She realized that she had a passion for creating with her hands and opened Della-Terra in 2015. Zoe named the company after her father’s Italian heritage and the creativity that he cultivated in her. “Della terra” means “of the Earth” in Italian. Zoe creates each piece embracing the organic flaws that appear, viewing them as “imperfectly-perfect” and as a reflection of nature’s organic, yet beautiful, imperfections.
What did I do?
From the ground up, we created a brand that fits Zoe’s vision: earthy, warm, and playful. Using a combination of typography and pattern allows the ceramics to speak for themselves in their imperfectly-perfect way.
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