A New Movement in Wellness is Here
Movement Physio, located in Arvada, Colorado, is a women's health physical therapy studio established by Dr. Andrea Nied. I collaborated with Andrea and her team to develop a comprehensive brand identity from the ground up. Our objective was to instill the brand with an elevated, spa-like ambiance while highlighting the warm and welcoming care they provide. Assisting Dr. Andrea in bringing her brand to life through signage, marketing materials, and the website was a tremendous honor and helped me discover my passion for working with small businesses.
​​​​​​​Utilizing the shapes and elements featured in their branding, I drew upon visual inspiration to guide their upcoming renovation. Our goal was to create an environment that exudes brightness and airiness, all the while preserving an organic atmosphere with the incorporation of natural elements such as wood, plaster, and greenery. The inclusion of gold accents elevates the overall aesthetic, mirroring the luxurious services offered at the studio.
Dr. Andrea crafted numerous informative guides full of valuable tips to help you kickstart your healing journey. We converted these guides into user-friendly downloadable PDFs, and they are now readily accessible on the Movement Physio website. Feel free to check them out for yourself!